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Top 5 advice on pottery dinnerware care

Posted on June 16 2017

Once you visit a festival or a kind of folk event in Ukraine you notice the variety of clay tableware. First created more than 8000 years ago they still could be considered unique things to take place at your kitchen. The price for the high quality, all natural and tradition inspired crafts is quite reasonable. To care for pottery cups, plates and jars you need some kind of careful approach. As made of raw clay material, water, fire and air they should be kept according to the rules of nature.

clay pitcher

Can I cook with the handmade pottery?

For sure you can. Surprise your family with exclusive taste of baked meat, soup or brewed coffee. Follow these hints to keep your ware safe and sound:
  • put the pottery to the oven avoiding temperature extremes. Make it warm gradually for the ware not to crack
  • check out your oven has got the flame spreader not to put it to the open fire
  • if you would be lucky to find the clay stove before cooking place the heated coal along the edges for the pot to get warm gradually
 rustic dishes set

How to clean clay tableware?

  • adobe clay structure needs only natural materials to clean not to consume chemical substances
  • before cleaning you can just soak it for 15 minutes. After that just wipe it with the baby soap sponge
handmade pitcher

Discover new cuisine choosing handcrafted dishes from Ukrainian talented craftsmen. Easy to care and so exclusive to have them at your home.

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Buy the way we’ve got some great recipe of Clay Pot Veal and Vegetable Soup here.


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