Bijouterie Rings

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Ring "City"
    As low as USD 19
  2. Copper ring "Daisy"
    As low as USD 23
  3. Glass ring "Aster"
    As low as USD 13
  4. Ring "Mechanism"
    As low as USD 17
  5. Resin landscape ring
    As low as USD 400
  6. Ash tree epoxy ring
    As low as USD 20
  7. Forest resin ring
    As low as USD 20
  8. Red tree resin ring
    As low as USD 20

Items 1-32 of 34

Set Descending Direction

Simple rings for women – follow your passion every day

Bijouterie accessories are perhaps not as imposing as gem and jewelry items yet they are not less spectacular and various.  They are artworks which help their recipients to stay always stylish, modern, and young. These are a great everyday option for noble metals and precious stones and their low price is a great advantage as well. You may stay different whenever you like and adjustable rings are a wonderful solution which fits anyone. They are different in size, form, colour to match any taste.



Each item has its own peculiar features:

  • The epoxy ring often contains something peculiar inside like natural flowers
  • The cabochon ring displays convex glass which is processed in a special way. Such glass rings look like candies or sea stones where all sharp angles are polished and smoothed with waves for decades or even centuries
  • Costume jewelry is perfect for fashion mongers and is designed to match the latest trends
  • The copper ring has magic properties to heal health issues and to protect from evil spirits apart from its aesthetics and style

Eager to order contemporary rings?

Get familiar with the TS selection of handcrafted bijouterie. It is available in many tints and suitable for anyone with a regulated size. Let us know your preference and we will make a custom thing just for you. With worldwide shipping, there is no problem to deliver it to any corner of our big planet.

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