Ukrainian flower crown: symbolism of flowers and ribbons

Ukrainian flower crown: symbolism of flowers and ribbons

National symbols are something Ukrainians love and represent how they live. There is something patriotic in every word, movement, and elements of clothing, native and something that always reminds of the Motherland. And Ukrainian circular decoration is no exception. This is not a simple accessory for women, it is a national guardian and a symbol of happiness.

girl in a floral wreath

How have Ukrainians begun to weave head wreath

The first mention of it was found by scientists during the excavation of Sumerian culture. Interestingly, they were able to find a lot of signs and symbols, but only one truly drew their attention. And this is the mythical attribute of the goddess Inna-Ishtar, which consists of a wreath woven from ribbons and a six-beamed star.

Our ancestors believed that the head was a symbol of wisdom, so wreaths were created for it, which protected it from the wicked eye and bad luck.

They were created in another way in different corners of Ukraine, therefore their names also differed. Korobulya and lobok from Podillya, wicker and kosytsya from Hutsulshchyna, a hybalka from Pereyaslavl region.

Ukrainian girls pick the flowers

Floral headpiece - the girl's soul book

Since ancient times, this symbol of female beauty could tell a lot about its owner, because the flowers were selected in wreath according to their significance and symbolized certain events of the girl's life, her family status and even her hobbies and character traits.

Most often, wreaths were wattled with roses, white lilies, cornflowers, heather, laurels, mallows and peonies. Each symbolizes something different, for example, rose - crazy love, cornflowers - simplicity and modesty, mallows - beauty combined with cold, peony - longevity and good health.

What about ribbons? They are also important, and their number should be the same as the colours. The more colorful wreath was, the happier the girl was, and also it was compared with sun and it was believed that it was a symbol of girl’s virginity and youth.

The orphan girl decorated her crown with blue ribbons, and people often met her with gifts and dainty, wishing her happiness of wealth and finding true love. The protective effect of guardian could intensify, if you put burkun herb and tarragon there, you can add oak leaves, if you wish. If periwinkle was woven in wreath, people believed that there would be no quarrels in marriage, and the couple would live a happy and long life.

floral headpiece

Flower headdress on Ivan Kupala Day

Ukrainian women are so fond of weaving flowers, so it is not surprising that traditions of summer celebrations are associated with divination on the wreaths. On Ivan Kupala, the girls let them into the river, put candles on them and watched what would happen next. If it immediately goes to bottom, this means that the beloved no longer loves the girl, if it gets to the shore, the wedding will not be celebrated this year. And if the wreath floats further and the candle burns, this indicates that the girl will surely find her love.

Ivan Kupala Day

Do you know what makes Ukrainian women really special? Not a Ukrainian wreath, but a smile. It is with sincere smiles that people fall in love, because if they don’t what attract people to each other? Smile more often and the world will also smile around.

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