Traditional Ukrainian jewelry. The past or the future of Ukrainian fashion?

Traditional Ukrainian jewelry. The past or the future of Ukrainian fashion?

GERDAN creation history has got its origin from the ancient times ... so could the article begin. But it has got smth much more interesting to tell you about.

It all started with the beads manufacturing in the ancient Egypt later they appeared in the young fairy Venice. Thanks to the talented jewelry artists, craftsmen and sculptors, Venetian beads became famous all over the world, contributing to the prosperity of Venice for many centuries.


Due to the efficient trade relations, after the long trip beads came to Ukraine in XIX-XX century, where beaded jewelry art become an integral part of Ukrainian style .

beaded necklace

Ukrainian gilr wearing traditional beaded jewelry called (kryza).Ivano-Frankivska oblast'

Гердани is a beaded narrow strip made of colored beads strung on the thread, forming colorful geometric and floral ornament pattern. Since ancient times it is believed to serve as a talisman and a symbol of love been the male accessory which feministic Ukrainian women have turned to the fashion jewelry.

black and white gerdan

Gerdan created by "Namystynka"

How to mix ethnic trends with the modern look?

This is the issue of concern to many fashion addicted women and those who just want to stand out the crowd with unique and elegant attire.

modern gerdan

Designer Yaroslava Kellermann

in beaded necklace

The main rule to follow is to reject all rules. One of the greatest advantages of gerdan jewelry among the others is its versatility. It matches a cocktail dress or casual white blouse and jeans as well as elegant business suit.

gerdan jewelry

Gerdan created by "Namystynka"


variations of gerdan

Designer Yaroslava Kellermann

modern style

Designer Yaroslava Kellermann

ukrainian jewelry

Designer Yaroslava Kellermann

ukrainian design

classic style

Designer Yaroslava Kellermann

red and black gerdan

with red shoes Express yourself through the ethnic fashion accessory in Ukrainian style!

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