Traditional Ukrainian dress - always modern fashion trend

Traditional Ukrainian dress - always modern fashion trend

When we think of a Ukrainian girl or woman, most often we fancy them in embroidered outfits: shirts, skirts and dresses. It seems that time has no power on such clothes, they are ever popular and are always in trend, from the dawn of the national history and the Scythian times till the present days. There is even a special Vyshyvanka day on the third Thursday of May to honor this clothing in Ukraine. It is in a great demand not only in this country but all over the world. Hollywood celebrities are spotted to wear embroidered attires in Ukrainian style with special joy and glamour. actress in embroidery

Traditional Ukrainian dress: colorful play of folk skills

National clothes in Ukraine are amazing in their variety. They are different in certain regions, with their peculiar techniques, palette, manner of performing and pattern combinations making it possible to recognize a particular area. For example, Western Ukraine is known for lots of green to symbolize nature. Most popular colors are red for love and black for sorrow, white for purity and blue for water. It is difficult to choose what is more appealing: cross-stitch, satin stitch or ribbon embroidery. They all please the eye and are equally unique. traditional embroidery

Ukrainian folk dress: symbolic meaning

Cross-stitched Ukrainian dresses traditionally scare evil spirits and wicked people off. Besides, certain ornaments render particular meanings. Thus, grapes imply welfare and a happy marriage while periwinkle is the symbol of love. The poppy stands for the nation’s memory and has protective properties. Sometimes it means sorrow for a perished beloved though… The lily flower means the girl’s charm. The hop plant hints at readiness to love and marry.

Geometric figures are used not out of a sudden either. The circle is the symbol of purity, with rays outside it gives energy to the owner. The triangle unites the three elements: water, fire and air. It was used long before Christianity was introduced in Ukraine adding a new meaning of the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. The rhombus implies fertility. The square brings harmony.

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Embroidered dresses: aesthetics with good luck

It is believed that the protective power of embroidery is enhanced by the energy of craftsmen. That’s why it is important to do it in a good mood, with kind thoughts and best wishes to those who will wear it. With the right approach, authentic handmade garments become an exquisite artwork for the benefit of their recipients. embroided dresses

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