Hutsul traditional wedding: cordially from the Carpathians

Hutsul traditional wedding: cordially from the Carpathians

A wedding is a responsible and breathtaking step in the life of every couple. The Carpathian wedding mesmerizes with its old traditions of respect, wisdom and never-ending fun.

The celebration is usually crowded, as all friends, family and loved ones are invited. If it happens to be in a village somewhere in the heart of the mountains, all residents are welcome to enjoy the gathering. The number of guests may include hundreds of people. The lucky ones, who attend share their impressions with great excitement.

happy couple

happy couple

Traditional wedding in the Carpathians: step by step

The bride and groom (conventionally, the prince and princess) are dressed in traditional wedding outfits. All guests come to the celebration in the traditional embroidered clothes of their region. A skilled woman crafts special head bands for both bride and groom. the bride and groom

head bands for bride

When everyone is ready, the procession continues to the village church. Usually, people ride horses and arrive in carriages decorated for this festive occasion. One can see bright ribbons everywhere: on the house, in the streets, hanging on bridges and of course, on the wedding tree. riding horses

on the way to the church

heading to the church

on the wedding

church ceremony

Virtuoso musicians, who are born into their wondrous skills, accompany the celebration. It is remarkable that no Hutsul music is put to notes - from generation to generation it passes from heart to heart. They play the violin, bayan, cymbals, pipe and tambourine so artistically that their performances reach the deepest strings of the soul and one cannot help but dance to them.

When the official ceremony in the church is over, everyone is invited to enjoy the meals. The tables are usually placed outdoors in tents that are specially constructed for these festivities.

The party lasts several days, but sometimes longer. Its main features are the largest number of songs and dancing until morning, all witnessed by the picturesque Carpathian Mountains.

may party begin

ukrainian musician

enjoy the traditional meal

Highlights of wedding traditions in the Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian life is authentic and interesting to know. The way people celebrate prominent events there is special and unique. Here are some facts worth your attention:

  • The young couple should be blessed by their parents When the bride is dressed up it is not allowed for any men to be in the house except a violin player
  • The wedding tree is usually a pine decorated with a paper rose and multicoloured paper flowers. This tree should be placed upon an apple tree near their home after the fest
  • The groom should pay for his bride, and there is often a trick played on him when another girl wrapped in a cloth is presented as his beloved
  • The husband-to-be presents his future mother-in-law with a loaf of special wedding bread (kalach)
  • When the couple comes out of the church, they look at the sun through the hole of a loaf of bread baked in the form of a ring. They try to glimpse their guests through it as well. It is believed that the number of people they see through it will be the number of children they will have
  • All customs are performed with special songs and music constantly being performed during the party
  • The husband takes the head band off his wife and covers her hair with a kerchief at the end of the day

marriage couple

when wedding is over

Hutsul wedding celebrations are bright, warm and sincere.

The atmosphere at a Hutsul wedding is full of joy and happiness, parents and guests who are moved to tears, their blessings and best wishes, merry live music, tasty dishes and lots of fun. This is certainly a fabulous experience, unforgettable for life!

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