Gerdan - the first jewelry of Ukrainian women

Gerdan - the first jewelry of Ukrainian women

Gerdans or ladders - national accessories made of beads with colorful ornaments and various patterns. Since ancient times women have decorated head and neck with such items, and men have decorated hats. They were the most widespread in Galicia, Bukovina and Zakarpathya, while in the east of Ukraine such decoration was little known.

It is believed that sylyanka (other name of gerdans) comes from Hungary and Romania. In these countries there were popular margins - ornaments that are very similar to the Ukrainian gerdans.

A lot of years ago beads represented two functions - decorative and protective, and the ornament and color of the decoration pronounced signs of age and showed the social status of the owner. That is why they were treated with great respect and were perfect for everyday clothes and for folk costumes.

national accessory

How do gerdans look like in different regions of Ukraine?

The geometric ornament is characteristic for all gerdans, no matter where they are made. The earth is depicted by a horizontal line, the wavy symbolizes water, the cross resembles a fire, and the round is the sun.


Hutsul people prefer bright and colorful ornaments of red and blue colours, which perfectly emphasize on their mentality.

hutsul gerdan

In the village Sheshora blue jewelry resembles waterfalls, which are called "gouki".


blue jewelry

Dark blue and violet gerdans embodying the image of the Carpathian night can be found in the villages of Verkhovyna region.

carpathian colors

blue waves

If you visit Kosivsky region, you will be pleasantly impressed by the clarity of compositions and the design of white gerdans.

white colors

white gerdana

Plant ornament was nowhere so popular as in Bukovina. It seems that people are simply fascinated by the beauty of nature, and therefore they create products with love and inspiration. ornament from bukovina

red flowers

colorful gerdan

Since ancient times and to nowadays, bead accessories remain national guards. People manufacture such jewelry only in a good mood, so to pass your experiences into beads.

Some people believe that gerdans should be worn with embroidery, but why not to try experimenting and adding them to your unique look? For example, wear them to a dress or classic blouse. Or just to a single-colored outfit. This way, you will diversify your look and add "extraordinary raisin". But what about the gerdan in the boho style? This summer that trend conquered the hearts of many women and not only Ukrainians.

gerdana with embroidery

ukrainian girl


Modern bead jewelry continues to gain popularity and to captivate others with their beauty. They make any look perfect and people happier. Ukrainian craftsmen create products with care and put their soul and heart into them. They borrow ideas from other countries, but invent their own compositions for a unique piece of art.

ukrainian squad

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