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Best wool throw blanket from Ukraine. Ancient Ukrainian hand weaving

Posted on January 29 2016

“Lizhnuk”, The Carpathian wool throw blanket Ancient Ukrainians grew different plants like flax, hemp. They kept a lot of sheep at their farms. That is why there was always enough raw material for the weaving yarn manufacture.
Woolen blankets art was an essential part of Ukrainian household activities. All Ukrainian wives were involved into the weaving process together with children. In the early 20th century there was a common tradition associated with weaving art and childbirth. When a boy was born, its umbilical cord was cut at the axe handle or arrow, so that he could grow as a hunter. While girl’s umbilical cord was cut at the hand weaving loom so she could become a craftswoman. Woven wool blankets belong to the oldest type of folk art woolen products. They catch your attention with weaving patterns, fleecy nap and relief surface. Handmade wool blankets were the most widespread in the Carpathian region.
Precious hand weaving technique is reflection of wool blanket quality. Despite the fact that wool blanket gives you the feeling of warm during cold winter days, it was used all year round by ancient Ukrainians. Those that had 5 meters length were called “dzherhy” and used as a sheet and a blanket at the same time. People also used it as pillows and covered wagons and sleigh with it.
Wool blanket also had a decorative meaning. People hung them at the wall by the bed. It was believed the more wool blankets you have the richer family was.
Lizhnyky, the Carpathian wool blankets, have preserved 100 hundred years Ukrainian folk traditions.
The first thing is color. Natural wool color lies in the ground of blanket; from white, brown to black. Even now craftsmen still use all natural plant colorants to create the patterns. Wool blanket patterns are based on the rules of symmetry and ornamental level balance. Everything is more complicated that it seems to be at the first glance.
The Carpathian wool blanket pattern is based on stripes, lozenge and other geometric figures. Top 3 amazing facts about lizhnyky the Carpathian wool blanket The lozenge pattern belongs to the neolithic age. People have been using this lozenge pattern during 20 000 years!
The lozenge with dots has got the meaning of fertile ground. This symbol is widespread at the women statues of the Eneolithic age. It has got a deep meaning of insemination. That is why wool blankets were a vital part bride trousseau. Sign of water is portrayed in straight, broken lines, meanders ... In this way craftsmen depictured eternal movement of life, connection between two worlds. 


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