Ukrainian bead necklaces

Ukrainian bead necklaces

Ukrainian beaded necklaces are full deep symbolism and Ukrainian women beauty essence. During long history of traditions development it got a lot of names like corals, chunky necklace and jewelry necklace. Even through centuries it is still shining with all colors and beauty at the woman’s breast.

First artisan necklaces Ukrainian women began to wear necklaces many centuries ago. The beaded necklace culture formed on the basis of changes in materials, shapes and colors. For the first time, women wore necklaces made of vegetable seeds, grains and fruits. With time they were changed to stone, metal and glass jewelry necklaces. Later, the Ukrainian rich women could afford jewelry corals, amber, pearl, glass, glaze and grenade stone unique necklaces.

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Bead jewelry - treasure talisman in Ukraine

Women considered necklace to be of great importance. Before going to the church, work or on holiday they wore it over embroidered blouse called vyshyvanka. Because such collar protected them from the evil, bad eye, angry words and misfortunes. It was easy to determine the social status of woman by the jewelry she had around a neck. Large and chunky beaded necklace only rich woman could afford. While poor women necklace had only 2-3 lacing chains, the rich ones had about 10 or 15 chains. green handmade necklace

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String of beads diversity in ancient Ukraine

Ukrainian beauties chose jewelry outfits were made of yellow metal thin tiny tubes with placed on them coins and crosses. Women from Kyiv, Volyn and Prykarpattia wore necklaces made of natural stone called amber. They believed this stone brought health and supported female beauty.

Coral beads were the most common. Red coral necklace believed been endowed with magical properties: if a woman chose bright red beads she was thought to be healthy. Dull and gray jewelry warned about the disease.

The most expensive was "Patsiorka" or glass beaded necklace. As beads were brought from far away Venice, and they were painted by hands.

Real pearl necklace was also expensive as it was also brought from overseas countries. They were for the richest and the most prosperous families. But mass production of beads in the Czech Republic has made it possible for each girl to wear such jewelry pendants.

No wonder Ukrainian women believed to be the most beautiful. After all, we present a sense of style and tradition, beauty and wisdom reveals our spiritual and outer nature. You will definitely fall in love with!

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