Throw blankets trend: Ukrainian 600 years tradition home interior

Throw blankets trend: Ukrainian 600 years tradition home interior

Before you start reading the article just learn one truly Ukrainian word called Lizhnyk.* This wool throw covers all Western part of Ukraine known for the travelers as the Carpathian region. Snowy mountain tops, endless grassy valleys, fresh air and the nature beauty have found their reflection in the people lifestyle, clothes and definitely crafts. Carpathian mountains


Carpathian region

Sheep farming here is like smth that will never ever disappear despite all High- tech developments or world changes. To give you the deeper understanding if you’ve never been there imagine Scotland sheep farm and its landscapes.

No wonder weaving is #1 craft and a profitable small business which has become Ukrainian visit card.

It’s hard to believe but all lizhnyk blanket creation process is complete handmade work.


                                       Plaid blanket time taking creation luxury

First known lizhnyk creation dates back to the XV century. And its technology making has not changed since that time at all!

To get the wool yarn the craftswoman cuts sheep hair but only at the ealy spring period getting about 3 kg of it, washes it and then does double combing processes using special tools for wool to be soft and clean.

The yarn thread span is always hand work.

After the wool thread is done the craftswomen start weaving blanket on the loom which age can gain more than 100 years been the family relic.

wool blanket


making of yarn

yarn machine

When the throw is made it undergoes 12 hours washing in the special wooden construction in the middle of the river. All these is done for the best fluffy throw blanket quality. As heavier the blanket is more durable and sound it will be.

wool making process

handmade rug

wool carpet

           At the time when Western Ukrainians use it as a bed cover, rug, pillow and horse riding seat cover cause it is still the main means of transport there. West of Ukraine

The hundreds of our USA customers see and use it as both floor rugs and bed covers perfectly matching the interior. Here are the photos made by our customers. TS craftsmen have created these wool blankets for the most cozy home atmosphere. knitting

interior design

dog on the wool rug

home space

If you wonder as we do how Ukrainian lizhnyk has become some favorite home and décor part at the US people homes. Write your comment below. Let’s discover tradition trend together. girl on the couch

*Lizhnyk is a hand woven sheep wool throw made in the Western part of Ukraine. Yavoriv village is considered to be the capital of wool blanket creation craft.

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