Boho home decor: good vibes of naughty riot of colors

Boho home decor: good vibes of naughty riot of colors

While intending to decorate our home bright and warm – bohemian interior design is the first thing which comes to our mind. Such room immediately renders us positive vibes and cheerful mood, once we enter it.

boho interior design

Bohemian home: designer highlights

Everyone likes to stay happy and boho is a lovely idea to achieve this aim. This merry spirit and what is more the way it affects us is the main reason which makes this trend so popular.

So what does it feature?

Let’s think of every single detail contributing its peculiar note of vital energy which makes us return home again and again.

bohemian home

Browsing lots of Boho style home highlights, we can trace certain tendencies.In the first place, these are lots of patterned textile and interior details with eye-catching prints and geometric ornaments, pompoms, tassels and feathers. These include:

• Bedspreads and throws

• Carpet and rugs

• Tapestry and wall hangings

• Pillows and cushions

• Floor poufs

• Table cloths and napkins

• Plants, planters and stands

• Vases and flowers

• Feathered mirrors and clocks

• Patterned lamps and lights

• Rattan furniture and décor

• Wallpapers and tiles

Boho interior details may match whimsically but are never too overwhelming. They can be either in one color palette or pattern but pretty often in various ones. Indigo, red, orange, terra-cotta, grey, black or white, deep or muted – there are no limits to perfection! Monochromic items are well balanced with flamboyant ones.

big pillows for sitting

boho interior details

lovong room with oriental motifs

bohemian bedroom

colorful cushions

boho design

living room in colors

corner in boho style

rainbow bedroom

design for open space

Boho design – create, experiment and get inspired with a cheerful play of tints

In contrary to Hygge style, where restrained and monochrome colors are dominating, Boho is as colorful as a rainbow.

Whatever combination or detail you may choose, each of them will serve one and the same aim – to please your eye and to make your heart sing. With such accents, you will create your paradise of happiness even in the heart of a big city. The recipe is pretty simple – make it bright and be open for new ideas.

oriental design

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