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  1. Merino wool blanket
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Organic blanket breathes with the energy of the mountains and valleys. Ukrainian handcrafted throw pride.

throw blanketThe bed throws perfectly fit Scandinavian style matching wooden and leather decoration elements. Their plain colors of beige, white and strong black have found reflection in simple patterns of stripes, dots, geometric zigzag and lozenge. No wonder this design conception was used by our ancestors more than 10 000 years ago thus it still gets place in natural and organic wool throw creation.Three Snails handmade team is looking for the best home solutions. Our craftsmen do their best to embody ancient knowledge, talent and professionalism into each interior item to turn the house into your own world of harmony and coziness. That why wool blanket has become our worldwide visit card to introduce back to nature trend.

This hand woven beauty can become an unexpected choice for the high tech modern interior design too. Been fully natural and stylish due to new line pattern design development the woven throw blanket adds modest luxury and style.


More precious than gold Carpathian throw covers hold the secret of the mountain whisper and ancient crafts.


sheep wool blanket From the first touch to the big fluffy blankets you melt away with its naturality and ticklish fibre playing at your palm. There is nothing more organic than this starting from the sheep wool yarn and ending with the herb thread coloring. But let as reveal all secrets of more than 600 years bed throw blanket manufacturing.

Fresh mountain air and green grass make the Carpathian sheep wool more soft and durable. The sheep wool is cut only once per year at early spring. Then it undergoes several cleaning processes and drying under the sun. To make the wool yarn craftswoman brush it with the special tools which you can find only in the Carpathian region. Thus the most exclusive secret lies in complete handmade yarn creation very time taking process.  Craftswomen create lizhnyk mainly at more than 200 years looms they’ve got from their grandparents. After final washing process in the river the cozy throw blanket is ready to become the part of your home.


Advantages of having Ukrainian throws for beds at your room:

  • As you can use it as a bed cover, a pillow, a plaid or even a rug.
  • High quality wool yarn and careful craftsmen weaving work have made it timeless interior item.
  • Our Carpathian artisans can create the design to meet your personal tastes. While simplicity in colors is always among trend priorities.
  • Possibly the most obvious thing about lizhnyk as it smells with the mountain air, warms you at the coldest nights and your pets will definitely love sleeping on it all day long.


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