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  1. Parallel bar ring
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  2. Coiled silver ring
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  3. Bohemian gipsy ring
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Items 1-32 of 177

Set Descending Direction

Handmade silver ring – a custom accessory to complement your style

Women decorate their hands to make them look extremely feminine and well-groomed. When girls open up their treasure box and decide what to put on today, the variety of choice and designer solutions can contribute to a good mood and inspire for new accomplishments.


massive silver ring colorful silver rings chunky silver dot ring



With many options, ladies will never run out of ideas to be different and breathtaking.

  • Silver engagement rings for women are indispensable items for memorable events
  • Chunky silver rings with or without stones, engraving in tribal or Gypsy style can give you a spirit of adventures and travelling
  • Tiny silver rings are perfect for everyday routine. They will help you to feel delicate and light. An extraordinary accessory in the form of a smile will definitely evoke the smiles of others as a part of a cheerful and playful look
  • Silver mid rings with floral or animalistic patterns featuring birds, cute cat’s ears, feathers are suitable for nature lovers. Small stones in the form of planets are designed for astronomy fans. Embellishment with geometric figures, either with curves or sharp angles is specially for people who can’t imagine their life without sciences. Adjustable items are available as well

Searching where to buy simple sterling silver rings?

TS is always happy to please you with the best items from talented artisans. They will manufacture your personalized thing in the shortest time possible. With worldwide shipping, it will reach you anywhere on the globe, regardless of your location.

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