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Unique jewelry sets – ready solution for your flawless style

At times, it is not easy to decide if your accessories go well with your clothes or match each other. In this case, three-piece jewelry is a perfect and easy response to your possible doubts. Repeated patterns on its items echo with each other creating an interesting play.


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Traditionally, they include a necklace, a ring and earrings but sometimes their elements may vary containing bracelets, pendants or hairgrips.

  • Beads jewellery sets amaze with their tiny pieces and micro techniques of accomplishment
  • Leather items performed as leaves or bells look soft, bright, cute and extraordinary
  • Sterling silver sets are valued by boho style lovers
  • Macramé or jute products are great for those who choose ethnic and eco things
  • Epoxy jewelry is a fresh touch of nature
  • Polymeric clay bijouterie are fashionable and nice
  • Vintage or antique copper pendants, rings and earrings amaze with their endless display of stone and glass shades

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Silver, thread, bead, leather, stone, glass, clay, eco jute, wood – whatever material you choose, the product will please you with high performance and rich colour palette.

It will complement or accentuate your attires of any tints and for any possible occasions.

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