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Sugar bowl "Tree of life"



Handmade sugar bowls decorate your kitchen with wonderful design with the effect of antiquity. Unique handmade pattern fills your heart with warmth and happiness.

Materials: clay, glaze
Technique: milk firing technique
Size: H-9 cm
Volume: 350 ml
Don’t use in microwave oven
Manufacturing: 5-10 days

Handmade sugar bowl soaked up all the best of Ukrainian pottery making tradition interpreted in contemporary style. In times of old, as before the potter's wheel stared turning and potter’s hands started creating wonderful pottery ware, he read prayers and meditated inspiring handmade pottery with spiritual energy.

Nowadays, craftsman follows this unique tradition and puts all his soul and heart into pottery making. That’s why handmade sugar bowls lure with their unique design beginning from the effect of antiquity and ending with unique handmade pattern in the form of the Tree of Life.

Such warm color of pottery is achieved thanks to milk firing technique, which consists of twice pottery baking and pottery bathing in the milk. At first, potter bakes handmade ware in the oven at temperature of 1100 ° C. Before the second baking, potter bathes unique sugar bowls in the fat milk presenting the effect antiquity, but also special properties to handmade pottery. These properties protect ceramic sugar bowls from moisture that allows you to keep sugar in handmade pottery for a long period of time without damage. Then potter bakes handmade ware for the second time at the temperature up to 950 ° C.

But what makes this sugar bowl unique is handmade pattern in the form of the Tree of Life. Our ancestors thought that the tree of life was a special symbol embodying special energy of the Earth and combining spiritual and material worlds. Handmade sugar bowl made in the best Ukrainian pottery tradition fill your heart with harmony and turns your tea-party into a real celebration. 

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