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Sculpture with Ukrainian amber "Angel harbinger"



This uniquely beautiful sculpture will be a true expression of respect for the one to whom you present it.
Material: ceramic mass, engobe, glaze, ceramic natural gold, Ukrainian amber.
Height: 55 cm.
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Production time: 1.5 months.

Angel, translated from the ancient Greek, is a harbinger. This name was given to the sculpture by a master Nadia Kozak. She portrayed an angel with a fife in his hands. If you listen closely, you can hear the quiet, soft chime of the sounds, music is dancing in a demanding dance, singing a melody that you can not even dream of in the most beautiful dreams. This is angelic singing. Remember the picture of the same name by Bouguereau? In our opinion, the same music is coming out of the painting and from the fife of this angel. This angel heralds the good news, he brings with him a bright emotions, happiness, and love. Angels have always been defenders of the people. These God's creation wings envelop us in difficult times and protect against problems. This exquisite sculpture is decorated with the Ukrainian amber. It is a stone of a great beauty, which attracted people with its fierce light for many centuries. Firestone as it was once called, have received the name it deserves because it seems that, a real glow goes from inside of it, that burns the human imagination of wealth, luxury, beauty. This stone has long been presented for noble people. If the gift was decorated with amber, it meant that the person, who receives it, is respected. Nimbus of the angel is covered with natural ceramic gold, which is sparkling with genuine luxury and entailing with the red-hot glow. If it would be possible to turn the fire into the stone, it would be turned into gold. Dancing with amber, it shines with new colors, and the observer can not take his eyes off the subject. This sculpture of indescribable beauty was created by a family of Ukrainian craftsmen working with ceramics. It is a unique item created by master Nadia Kozak.

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