Підставка для MacBook "iOriginal"



There is no limit to perfection, that is why this handmade stand was created

Handmade stand for MacBook “iOriginal” characteristics:
Material: premium quality oak wood.
Color: Natural oak, fumed oak.
Stand size for 13, 15, 17 inch screen.
Technique: carving.

If you are a fan of Apple products than you will deffinately adore this handmade stand for MacBook "iOriginal". Apple gadgets are popular because of their easy use, that is why this handmade stand was created. There is no limit to perfection, so this wooden handmade satand only increases the comfort of any operations with your laptop. First of all, air circulation protect your laptom from overheating, don't contain any plastic, just natural premium quality wood, provides the convinient angle that allows to type quickly. But minimalistic design of this handmade stand can become the main advantage for esthetes. It looks plain and stylish, besides it's eco-friendly. Amazing combination of nature and technologies.

Brand name of original handmade stand is FLINDERS. They make stands and device accessories of premium quality oak-wood made specially for the Apple products. This handmade stand “iOriginal” include a special sac in case of transportation.

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