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Ceramic sculpture "Christmas Angel"



This fragile sculpture was exclusively handmade by the Ukrainian masters.
Height: 55 cm.
Material: ceramic mass, engobe, glaze, Ukrainian amber.
No items in stock. Production time: 1.5 months.

This sculpture depicts an angel. Angels are the creations with a long history. They existed in different religions, not just Christianity, but all invariably carried a bright symbol: except in some cases, those are the servants of God, creatures that are born to protect people. Angel - is the symbol of light, it is a sign of protection and love. It is always a clean creature. This sculpture depicts an angel who kindly opened its fragile wings, ready to hug the person to whom it is presented. Lovely halo over his head made of Ukrainian Amber, which accurately conveys the hot-gold color. This angel is dressed in a Ukrainian embroidery with the somewhat naive, but an attractive ornament. Gentle colors represent the innocence and purity of the angelic image. Angels clothing is also decorated with the Ukrainian amber. The ancient Greeks called this stone "the attractive" because it really attracts the eye with its incredibly bright color. It seems that it glows from the inside. Nikey, the Greek scholar, even argued that amber is the concentration of the sun's rays, which fall into the sea. This is a really precious jewel, its beauty was admired for centuries. It is a very suitable element to the finish of the statuette. This exquisite work of the Ukrainian family of artists working with ceramics is a great gift to someone noble, because it not only contains precious stones but also is the result of a fine handwork. This is a unique and exclusive thing. The author of it is the master working with ceramics Nadia Kozak.

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