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Ceramic plate "Tree of World"




Material: fire clay
Color: brown, golden
Size: diameter 30 cm.

An example of real pottery art in the form of this exclusive decor item. Ceramic plate with a meaning can be a mysterious touch of your home. It is rough to touch, weighty enough and perfectly executed. Patterns create a mild relief, and endowe with a profound talisman sense. Each symbol has its own unique story. For ancient Slavs the center of the world was the Tree of the World. It was the central axis of the whole universe, included the Earth and connected the human world with the world of gods and the underworld. Accordingly, the tree crown reached the world of the gods in heaven - Irij or Svarga, and tree roots went into the ground and connected the world of the gods and the human world with the underworld or the world of the dead, where Chernobog, Marena and other "dark" Gods ruled. Somewhere in the sky, upon the clouds, the crown of a large tree formed the island, and there it was Irij (Slavic paradise), home not for only gods and ancestors of the people, but also ancestors of all birds and animals. Thus, the Tree of World has been fundamental to the worldview of the Slavs and its main component. This plate can be hung on the wall in any room of the house, and it will always encourage you to think about the universe.27074

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