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Author's ceramic cup "Harmony"



Discover hand modeling ceramic creation. The mixture of the most exclusive techniques has turned the ceramic cup into a real handmade masterpiece.

Technique: hand modeling, milk bathing technique, plants pattern prints
Temperature of baking: 1050° C
Material: clay, glazes
Volume: 350 ml
Volume weight: 0,24 kg
Manufacturing: 10-15 days

Handmade author's ceramic cup soaked up all best pottery manufacturing traditions expressing uniqueness, deepness and beauty. Every detail of handmade ceramic cups looks stylish and full of artistic stylistics helping create a really warm atmosphere for tea ceremony at your home. Creating hand built ceramic cups, potter put all their inspiration into handiwork to let you enjoy extraordinary design.

Let’s get to know the mystery that lies in handmade ceramic cups? In times of old, as before the potter's hands started creating wonderful pottery ware, he read prayers and meditated inspiring handmade pottery with spiritual energy. Our potter follows this unique tradition.

Small ceramic cups are fired in the oven at temperature of 1100 ° C. Before next firing, potter immerses clay tea cups in milk. During this process pores of ceramic pottery soaks up milk, that’s why you can keep milk and other products in it without souring. Then cool ceramic cups are fired in the oven the second time at the temperature of 270—350 ° C. High quality glazes present to ceramic cup extraordinary design luring with plant pattern prints.

Handmade cool ceramic cups are the best gift for best friend helping you express your unique sense of style! 

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