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"A wonderbird"



This decorative plate will decorate your wall and will be a great gift.
Wood: Transcarpathian beech;
Paints: Acrylic, gouache, Decola;
Lac: Eckaro (alkyd varnish for internal work)
Finishing varnish: acrylic (water-based).
Preparation time: 2-3 days

This decorative plate makes you want to attach it to the wall in the living room, where everyone can see it and will be able to admire the elaborately painted bird that resembles either a brave rooster, a symbol of youth or the phoenix, the bird which symbolizes eternal life. Painting on wood has been extended among the Ukraine for a long time. This technique is called Petrykivka. The Ukrainians have perfected this art, passed on a love of painting from generation to generation. They believed that painted things protect the house from evil spirits. The technique of creating a drawing are taught from the childhood, that is why you have a feeling that Petrykivka is filled with the sun - it has something naive and pure, from childhood. The most diligent and experienced artists were called "chepurushka", they were sharing the secrets of creating patterns with the following generations.This dish will be a real decoration of the room, it will attract the attention of your guests with its uniqueness. This is a wonderful gift from Ukraine for a truly loved one, as painting of things is a traditional Ukrainian craft.

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