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Wool blanket represents smart and sophisticated modern weave design.

Cozy throws are perfect accessories for everybody.

wool throw blankets online

Whether you are looking for exclusive kinds of blankets to bring coziness to your home or plainer designs to complement existing room style, you will find a wide range of throws that will definitely draw your attention. Including high quality, rich and soft-knitted texture, eye-catching patterns, our handmade shop offers a vast array of goods that you will be completely spoilt for choice. Knitted and wool plaids with warm and fluffy texture are ideal for curling up under in the winter months and create a unique vibe for your room.

Light bed throws represent a selection of styles that will match the beauty of your room. Warm throws add a specific atmosphere to your home decor.

soft warm blankets

If you look for the best home solutions, why don’t you explore our collection of soft warm blankets in appealing colors?  Three Snails team has already prepared something special for you.

Ukrainian blankets hold the secret of the mountain whisper and ancient crafts. They are the best items to turn the house into your own world of coziness and harmony. For producing them we use yarn wool that is environmentally friendly. They are manufactured with love and care.
The main reason why they are so popular is that they can warm you in chilly weather. Thanks to our throws you discover a new style of sleeping. Due to their softness and natural materials you will have the sweet night rest. They are comfortable for using in all seasons of the year.
Blankets’ designs are inspired from nature and combine the feel the organic with high-tech. They are unique and delight you and your family. They will suit your personal needs and tastes. Their exclusive relief look brings bright feelings in everybody’s life.
Beside this, you can use them as special gift for your friends and relatives.

Advantages of Ukrainian blankets and throws:

  1. Blankets and throws provide the perfect blend of decorative touch and comfort. They are the best compliments to home decor
  2. High-quality goods with different colors and shapes
  3. Most of them are entirely woven from wool. This makes them more soft and durable
  4. We choose the trend priorities for manufacturing products. This way we provide our customers with fashionable and exquisite items

How and where to shop easily wool throw blankets with confidence?

artisans crafts
Find all the information about handmade items on our site three-snails.com
Purchase them easily all around the world. We provide the convenient delivery service for everybody. There is standard, express and self-pickup delivery that facilitates to buy products.
Our shop is opened 24 hours per day. It’s okay if you change your mind, we offer a 14 day return policy. Buying our handmade goods online helps you to get familiar with
Ukrainian artisans crafts.
If you decide to buy our blankets and throws, you’ll be satisfied and this won’t  be  cost-effective for you.

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