About Three Snails

Here is a story written by Olena Vechkanova - TS founder

“One day I found myself completely lost and spiritless among shopping malls. I realized that instead of bright showcases I was looking for some unique products with a human story behind them. For more than just shopping I was searching for the filling of joy and involvement into any wonderful creative idea or a mission! That day I wished fashion and style were possible together with any social impact like environment protection or helping any creative women initiative to turn into the global sustainable business. It was the beginning of TS project, aimed to bring meaningful and beautiful creative products from small unknown manufacturers, living in undiscovered countries, to the global world. At the same time, our project got the mission of artisans’ economical support, as the majority of them live in economically undeveloped countries, having no job and any source of income, besides their small business initiatives. In 2015 our small team started from Ukraine with its century-old culture and craft traditions, slowly moving to manufacturers from India, Thailand, Bali and Turkey. Now we are proud to collaborate with more than 1500 manufacturers of really unique, modern and stylish accessories, jewelry, clothes and products for children. TS turned to be a place, where we connect buyers from all over the world directly with best creative producers from undiscovered countries.”

Worldwide known and accessible creative products from unfamiliar countries

To reveal and foster unique craft and manufacturing traditions of unfamiliar countries worldwide by empowering local producers


When artisans cannot get enough profit of their talent, they disappoint and waive their art in favor of any lucrative career. Very often, they’re obliged to leave their native town for a low qualified job in a bigger city or abroad. Three Snails marketplace allows artisans to build their own sustainable creative business, struggles for talented people stay where they want and could make a living of their craft.


As the majority of our artisans are females from the smallest villages and towns of our country we’re sure that helping them we achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. We suppose that women equality leads to country’s sustainable development.


We make sure that all of our artisans do not harm nature and animals while making their crafts. Our wood artists create their crafts from the waste materials by taking to pieces old wooden houses and keeping dry tree branches. Wool blankets craftsmen gain wool by clipping sheep, which in not harmful and not painful for the animal.


While assisting in branding, selling and marketing TS charges nothing from artisans.


Our artisans, especially ones from the rural communities never tried international selling. Three Snails team gives them all needed assistance (consulting, marketing, financial and logistics support) and the platform for reaching the global scale.


Three Snails team constantly works with artisans providing them consulting assistance about modern trends and actual designs, special customers’ requirements for created products, quality control, etc. Our Photographers and copywriters help with professional pictures and product description.


Being craftsmen by ourselves and marketing professionals at the same time, we help artisans to brand their art with all further promotion through Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Direct Marketing, etc. Our analysts help with targeting of certain products to certain countries.

Cultural and Artistic Traditions for Future Generations to Enjoy


We are travelling through the smallest villages and towns looking for the most unique and precious art traditions around. We find only high quality crafts that will be definitely loved by our customers. Many of our artisans are open for custom orders and ready to change a pattern, or a size, or even make a principally new item on customer’s design.


Eastern Europe, Asian and Indonesian countries are very reach in traditions and symbols which have been considered to act like talismans keeping the secrets of generations since ancient times till nowadays. Moreover, those countries are like a horn of abundance with its holiday celebration traditions, ceremonies and rituals about home, wedding, birth etc. Through our TS Culture Keepers page, we hope to promote awareness for endangered traditions, and provide a place where you can target your support.


Ukrainian, Asian and Indonesian craft traditions are carefully keeping for centuries. Working with wood, wool, withy, embroidery patterns or the tradition of straw making is an endless craft heritage, forming the strong continuous connection between generations. We help communities and artisans in particular to recognize and capture the value of their cultural origins, show them the way it can be used nowadays and stimulate to work more with ethnical designs and old techniques.

TS team generates revenue based on commission taken from the customers being able to make artist assistance for free.


TSteam works 7 days a week and speaks several languages. That’s why communication with clients is easy for us. We answer all possible questions about the size, product characteristics, delivery terms, etc.


We guarantee the security of payments through the work with the international payment systems. As TS generates revenue based on commission taken from the customer, artisans get full payment for their art excluding Bank or PayPal fees, which are covered by TS.


We check the suitability of the item before sending it to the customer. We confirm the delivery terms and choose the most relevant logistic option. TS team is responsible for the logistic terms and quality of the item sent.


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