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Best diamond stud earrings – your eyes can shine brighter


Ear pendants are an excellent solution to attract to a woman’s beauty and are favourite everyday accessories. Their luster echoes with the sparkle of her eyes and makes her smile even more radiant. Studs are a great option in this regard. They are cute, unobtrusive, and extremely elegant.

white diamond earrings   tiny diamond stud earrings  

The renowned eye-catching brilliance of round cut diamond stud earrings turn them into an appreciated gift and admired item for their recipient and everyone around.

Such things are small but chic and are appropriate for any event. They don’t distract much attention from your look, at the same time favorably making it complete.


Searching real 14k gold earrings?


TS Jewelry has selected refined jewelry which features stones of various sizes and in different settings either with sharp angles or intricate curved lines. Screw clasps provide additional fixation to be sure you won’t lose them. Sole central stones or skittles of smaller crystals would match any taste.

If you prefer purer alloys, we are ready to craft precious gemstone earrings of 18k gold for customized orders. Message us to share your wish and we will accomplish the piece of your dream jewelry in the best way possible.

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