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Items 129-160 of 422

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Vyshyvankas from Ukraine – not just a national outfit any longer

Is an embroidered shirt an item of the Ukrainian national clothing? Yes and no at the same time as it goes far beyond its meaning nowadays. Yes – as it originates from Ukraine. Yet, no as well as at present, it is popular far beyond its borders. Many Hollywood celebrities wear it with a particular confidence and glamour having nothing to do with this country and not being Ukrainians at all.

What is more, traditional costumes from Ukraine are different from the ones from other territories. They are admired not only by older generations or worn just for folk ensemble concerts. Embroidered clothes are attributes of every day life for the young and old, for festive events and school or work.

Its modern peculiarity is that it can be combined with business outfits as well as jeans and sneakers for mobility.

National spirit from the past in modern interpretation

Three Snails has designed an innovative approach to the modern style. For more casual events, we offer t-shirts with authentic photos of Ukrainians of the past which are more than 100 years old. We took them from the Oles Honchar museum so that the entire world could know about our culture and history.

This is our vision when the past unites with the present and confidently paces to the future.

wool jacket

Why buy clothes from Three Snails?

Our goods have certain advantages:

  • handmade items crafted with diligence and love
  • authentic patterns with centuries-old history
  • natural materials pleasant to touch and wear
  • modern style conveying the national spirit
  • customized things to stand out in the crowd
  • good quality goods at friendly prices

Searching for unique outfits?

Be unsurpassed with Three Snails! Feel the wisdom and power of folk traditions interpreted in the modern style. View our catalogue to have a better idea of the category.

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