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Scandinavian interior design in details

Posted on May 18 2017

Small or even tiny things can give a complete picture of the entire home interior design composition.

To pick out small home furnishings, which will give your home a Scandinavian charm, you should take a closer look. 

The trick is to leave most of the space in its original form. Situation with small decorative objects is almost equal.

scandinavian furniture

A hallmark of Scandinavian style is natural, organic and raw materials used in interior creation

Having one only white walls in interior is enough to decorate a house in the Scandinavian herring. Small pieces of furniture or art such as paintings or wall clocks are attractive to decorate the space. You can choose wooden materials that will have an unassuming look on a white background. The main thing is to give preference to natural materials and handcrafted designs.

    In such case, even heterochromatic glass wall clock will fit in Scandinavian style with a trait of modernity.

    Unique handmade wall clock made in technique of fusing. This accessory will place accents in your kitchen or living room. Modern and stylish clock will be indispensable for each mistress. How nice to combine beauty and functionality!   
      modern clock

       Wall clock "Triangle", $95.00

      Old wooden coffee table that have been collected dust for such a long time can now step out of the shade right into the spotlight of your living room. Don’t hesitate to put it on public display of its shabby appearance. Details in aid: embellish it with crochet openwork tissue, place rustic style lamp in a rustic to illuminate it with soft light.

      To complete the image, supplement the table with genuine leather or natural wood notebook.  A leather bound or wooden notebook for real fashionmongers. Start a new chapter in your apartment’s life. 

        notebook wooden

        Handmade leather journal on the strap "Judy" Beige, $30.00

        Would be better if it's not even a table, but two wooden pallets, which may well pass as a place for morning coffee, while reading some useful fiction.

        Add the dressing in a form dark wood tray that is filled with a delicious breakfast to the overall picture. 

        With this amazing wooden tray your morning will begin with positive and joy. It is absolutely handmade item from the very heart of Ukrainian Carpathians.

        Breakfast in bed? A great start of the day!

          wooden tray hand made

          Don’t treat an empty glass container with indignity, especially if it has an unusual shape. Bellied glass flask can be filled with wildflowers.

          Combine these homemade transparent vases with ceramic, clay or even wooden vases on the windowsill or on the floor. Scandinavian motifs don’t require anything except of natural aesthetics.

            glass container
            vase of wood

            Wood vase black, $18.75


            Don’t paint a faded picture of zillion wicker baskets and pastel shades in textiles, because Scandinavian design is much more than that. The desired color accent always attract attention. However, don’t come too strong; just place some colorful or printed cushions in a mix with white and knitted ones on your couch. This trick will help you and your guests not to get bored.


              And finally yet importantly - candles and candlesticks. What else did you expect? Only natural candlelight can create a quiet atmosphere of coziness and unshakeable tranquility.

              Pick out some wooden candlesticks. Pretty detail to make your home more cozy and comfortable. These candle holders are totally handmade from wood. Artisan covered it with wood stain and varnish.

              Less is more! Uncomplicated design predominates in furniture and in smaller interior detail.

                round wooden candlestick

                A set of 3 wooden candlesticks, $18.85

                The best of Scandinavian design is that it’s perfectly fits for apartments and for country houses. If to furnish the home with the right attitude for details, then even living in the center of the city, you can feel yourself chilling in a wooden spacious house that stands in the quiet estuary.
                Your home interior is a puzzle, where every detail counts. Decorating your home with love for nature and inspiration you’re manage to relive the beautiful image of the Scandinavian landscape right at your living place.
                  scandinavian design


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