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Who is a modern Ukrainian woman?

Posted on May 16 2018

An activist, a business woman or a family guardian? The first thought that comes to mind is a woman who is self-evolving in society, knows what she wants, lives inspirationally with plans for the future. She has her own choice and ways to achieve goals, as well as each one of us. She decides how she will look like today and what she will do next weekend.  Nothing is impossible for her, because she is guided by the principle: "Who, if not me, will embody my dreams and ideas in life?" And, of course, she is happy, insanely loves her husband, who falls for her.

And how do modern women realize their mission and their own contribution to the social life of modern living? You will figure out this and many other secrets of successful and realized women in this article.

Who Is A Modern Ukrainian Woman

Guardian of family or keen careerist? Is it possible to be that one at the same time?

"Are professional self-realization and a happy family thing that are not connected?" Lidiya Bilas, the owner of the Creative International Children's School, expresses her opinion. "If a woman has people who inspires and supports her, then energy appears to work in both directions."

Lidiya Bilas

However, the family should remain more important, because if it is in harmony, then a woman becomes a multifaceted person capable to supporting and inspire with a compelling desire to become better.

Success is a state of mind for Lydia. Sometimes it is mental balance, in some cases, pleasure or even happiness. Success comes as a reward because you have chosen a more sophisticated way.

Reading these lines, you will have your own thoughts about what a successful woman should be. You may imagine a person with well-defined priorities or one who knows how to find harmony between the outside and the inner world. And you will not be mistaken. Whichever characteristic you wouldn’t have chosen, success would be only when people dare to develop themselves every day, without weekends. Not because it is necessary, but because they want to.


A citizen in a house and a mother in society

Orystslava Sydorchuk, an extraordinary Lviv citizen who is a successful entrepreneur and a public figure, understands the role of women in society that way: "A modern Ukrainian woman is a professional in her business, a politically conscious, intellectually and culturally developed person who takes an active part in the public life of the country" .

Three Snails team believes, the responsibility of a modern feminine is to be not only a loving mother and a faithful wife. She is responsible for her influence on other people. To be Ukrainian means to combine beauty and motherhood in the struggle for the future of Ukraine.

Who Is A Modern Ukrainian Woman

How to be equally successful and happy in your career and family life?

This is possible, even necessary! Learn how to plan your day, live with constant enthusiasm to change this world for the better, and surround yourself with people that you can always rely on — these tasks are for a female who wants to be successful and prosperous and prove that she is special.

Natalia Mykhailiv, a successful business lady and owner of event-agency "OVATIO" is a perfectionist in everything, therefore for her the main thing is the order and harmony in her business. She calls on all women to be individual, special, charismatic and very happy.

Natalia Mykhailiv OVATIO

Mariana Woznytsya has a different vision of how women achieve their career success: "First of all, you have to think, and is it really what I truly want? Goals that are sincere are easier to achieve. Success is a wide worldview and constant new challenges. "

You can come up with your own methods and ways to achieve your goals. Nobody restricts you, and, moreover, doesn’t hold back you.

And remember that a modern woman is one that combines gratefully all aspects of her life, she can clearly set her priorities, without forgetting about her hobbies and family.

Who Is A Modern Ukrainian Woman

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