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Weird designer handbags. What's up with that?

Posted on May 26 2016

Handbags are one of the most prominent accessory of whimsical fashionista’s image.
If by some chance you’ve seen a young woman, dressed in a black elegant suit wearing crossbody bag in a form of a bus, don’t be surprised and don’t think you've seen it all. Wait for more it is yet to come.      
We try to figure out where the weirdness meets borders with style.
Roughly speaking, a simple junk bag can be made of any fabric, sackcloth or even mammoth’s pelage. Handbag as a fashion accessory had to evolve to acquire decent, significant type, and gain a function of convenient accessory that adorns an individuality. Now women handbag can indicate mood, point a character and style of the owner.
Bags are familiar to people in their difference: some are fun, discreet, and sometimes bizarre, but definitely find reflection in the face of its owner.
  • From classics to trends.
A good handbag is always a good material that doesn’t spoil with time to become vintage and more valuable. Leather is perfectly lends itself to manufacturing. Great woman Coco created her designer bags with her own hands and managed to sew amazing suits. Working with leather takes more time and effort, but it worth that absolutely, when right now every girl dreams to get the original "Coco Chanel bag" which has remained a classic design.  Chanel bags are beautiful, high quality and comfortable.  
So, how come “fashion killas” and it-girls concluded the bag in the form of a broken egg was also nice and comfortable?
This phenomenon may be called a trend and a way of self-expression through the accessory. The more surprising it is, the more likely to stand out.    
 Handbags have become a life of their own, so let them live!
  • Bag on its own
Bag has a right not just to be out with outfit colors, it has a right to be an independent element of the whole image.
                             Popular bag-egg, for example, is made of a simple rubber. More interesting designs of animalistic or "food fashion" style were recreated of felt, special fabrics, vines. How exactly this was done, we may never know, but the result is obvious: bag decorated with pork shank piece made of artificial lamb’s fur – impressively weird! Handmade design handbags creators are the most eccentric trendsetters as they only rely on their imagination, and don’t hesitate to get out of fashion zone.    
 The bag can now easily specify on our mood or lifestyle. Have you already got lucky to notice a girl wearing white sundress, sneakers, which paces the town with a handbag in the form of cake? Talking about those transparent clutches or bags with inscriptions! Those accessories are not for shy ones, but for the brave and open ones.    
We say go for oddities and diversity in handbags style, because that’s exactly what makes the person unique and removes the barriers of style and self-expression. 


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