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Wedding crowns with goose-quills - forgotten traditions of Ukrainian village have revived.

Posted on September 26 2016

Forgotten princely traditions of a Ukrainian village, which no one knew about, which wanted to be lost, but they were revived again!


wedding crown with feathers


Ukrainian wedding crown with white goose-quills.


Among mountains and forests, in a far Carpathians, in Velykyi Kliuchiv village, didn’t live women, but real princesses. Instead of flowers, goose-quills were entwined into their hair. Goose-quills were considered to have magical properties of bringing light and happy married life.


old ukrainian wedding photo


An old photo of a young married couple from Carpathians. A girl is wearing traditional wedding feathered crown.

To get needful feathers was not so easy! If the goose had even just one gray or black feather, it was unsuitable for young girl’s hairdo, as those feathers were believed to cause diseases. Only those gooses that were bred near the river were picked up, because their feathers were clean. Only small tender feathers from goose breast were plucked.


wedding headband decorated with feathers


Ukrainian girl wearing traditional wedding headband crown which is gorgeously decorated with goose-quills and colorful beads.


feathered headband crown


Ukrainian girl wearing traditional Carpathian feathered crown for wedding

The day before the wedding, older women, who had a successful family life and healthy grown up children, came together in bride’s house. Only they were entrusted this wedding feathered headcrown braiding ritual! They took hair like two thin petals called "flies". Linked them with thread and tied on head while singing songs. Then, petals were smeared with honey (that process was called "to smeared flies with honey”). Next they did was putting down a piece of embroidery and sewing some number of red ‘Ruzhechky’ (flowers) and yellow ‘Drashpany’ (leaves) upon it. Several or more rows of white feathered braids laid behind it. All the braiding process usually took about two hours. Untressed hair were left on the back of bride’s head before marriage, so then it could be braided when tied in a handkerchief. Mother and sisters made two braids in which money were entwined. Princesses of Velykyi Kluichiv couldn’t sleep or walk around while the wedding crown was on a head. It has to be safe for the wedding.


wedding headband crown with beads and feathers


It was impossible to take eyes off such a beauty! It gorgeously shined with beads, ribbons, flowers, bows and magic feathers!

One century has passed and no trace is left from magic of that wedding crown with goose-quills. Only the old lady Paraska Kushliak kept on cherish a rare skill that no one wanted to learn anymore. Unfortunately, she never managed to find an inspired mentee to pass on a secret knowledge of Ukrainian traditions!


Paraska Kushliak


Paraska Kushliak is holding her masterpiece. She is the only woman that kept an old tradition and skills of making wedding feathered headband crowns.

However, the one who had noticed, had found and had revived an old tradition appeared! The name of this talented artisan is Olga Troyan. By touch, not getting a wink of sleep, she managed to recreate the lost art of goose-quilled wedding crown.


wedding feathered crown


White feathered wedding crown of goose-quills, ribbons and beads.



wedding feathered crown


New interpretation of old traditions by Olga Troyan. Wedding feathered crown, which artisan made for one month.



Olga Troyan


Olga Troyan - Ukrainian artisan, who made this gorgeous white feathered wedding crown. She is also a soloist of Ukrainian ethno-rock band.


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