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Posted on July 15 2016

Handmade sphere has got ancient traditions and rules we are ready discuss together with you. 
Larisa Osadcha, open-minded, intelligent woman, the Candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor and cultural specialist of Three Snails handmade company.  
"Europe has undergone strict economic changes. The time when manufacturing industries main indicators were rapidly falling, annual income of handmade goods manufacturing realization has grown up to 30%.  How the fact of such fierce demand for exclusive products could be explained?" 
Cultural character reasons:
1.The modern world has overcome the phase of mass consumption. Famous philosopher and psychoanalyst Erich Fromm said of his contemporaries that they evaluate themselves not for the skills but for the number of purchased items. At that time factory production manufactured goods were deprived of individual approach.   "To be in fashion" meant to make it all, buy the same jeans like everyone did.  
2.Now the situation has changed completely. People want to stand out from the others not keeping up with the majority. They tend not to survive but to express themselves. There is a tendency of growing requirements for design and things quality. Nowadays exactly the consumer dictates the market conditions not the million replicated industrial demand.
Handmade goods manufacturing introduce unique and various crafts in the author's own intention to the whole world. It responds more quickly to changing tastes and individual requirements of the customer.
 Designer’s pyjama that can change your fashion style to a real joy!
3.Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan pointed out, that the mass media world is so tightly connected to the social organization that we all live in a "global village." Our contemporaries do not want to take great historical narratives of horror stories about the enemy across the border. History now is a set of personal stories with their joys and disappointments, failures and triumphs. Close-minded people can be found in the most unexpected corners of the world. Communication gives us the luxury of emotional convergence. Once you get the souvenir or handmade thing while travelling you carry memories and emotions on the place, people and country the whole life. Things now embody energy of someone hands telling something more than just a story.
Huichol are fond of needlework, weaving, embroidery, leather, bows and musical instruments handicraft art. But we want to show their marvelous technique of working with beads.
Meissen porcelain has got unique handicraft production technology which was invented 300 years ago. Germany.
Ukrainian dolls called motanka traditionally are made of different types of cloth without using scissors or a needle. These ukrainian doll are zealously adorned with tiny decorative elements like rose headband or necklace to recreate the traditional ukrainian clothes.
4.The modern world has overcome the stage of globalization changed it to glocalization. Opening an unexplored world spaces, wealth of ethnic cultures, modern man feels homesick, facing a stranger, everyone can grasp the uniqueness of their culture. Now, with global scale planning horizons, broad outlook and confidence in their own ability, human has returned to abandoned homes and rebuilt it according to the newly formed standards of quality, highly valuing, its own production traditions and ethnic symbols.
To be continued ...)) next week! ... Ethnic - meanings, universe code interpretation arising from the depths of the national spirit. World cultures that can’t boast the wealth of their ethnic heritage.


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