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Traditional Ukrainian fashion. Fabulous Poltava wreath.

Posted on August 31 2018

Valeria Levkivska remarkable Ukrainian woman has joined us with the idea to tell you the most exclusive things about Ukrainian girls and women head wear.  Thanks to her love to Ukrainian culture, intelligence, the tradition is continuing to live.

In addition, she is a member of the secretariat of the “Ukraina-Svit” community. Coordinator of the "From grandma with love" international project.  Which was founded by the Ukrainian Center of Cultural Studies, the ethnic club "Kolo" and "Ukraina - Svit" community.

Valeria Levkivska


She even has got enough enthusiasm to live for two countries: Ukraine – Austria. However, she never puts her work and hobby aside. She reproduces Ukrainian headdresses by examining ancient photos and listening to the folk tales. She runs active social activities and represents our culture all over the world.


To your honored attention, at first hands, we represent the Ukrainian headdresses life history

Poltava region crested wreath

 Our first swallow is Poltava region crested wreath.

The headpiece has always been considered to be a part of Ukrainian female space. Amazingly, but everything that is used here has got its own context: symbols embedded in the form, material even the tiniest flower. Also included: social status, age and the purpose to wear the headdress.

 Authentic fashion shows of different regions of Ukraine have given me the inner boost. I just love watching how a modern girl instantly turns into a beauty from the old photos. Thus I had noticed there was a lack of the most important stuff ever – headdress. I do appreciate their stylization but the process of its full reproduction is much more interesting and complicated.

wreath from balabons

In everyday life, the girls decorated themselves with ribbons, the magnificent head wreath from artificial flowers was prepared for brides (so that love does not fade). After marriage it was kept behind the icons while the head was covered with a special cloth. In other words headdress served as ID card for our grandmothers  telling about the origin, family and about the level of prosperity.

They use a large variety of materials: artificial flowers, wool, beads, feathers. Necessarily, the wreath was decorated with vinca flowers as a symbol of eternal love.

Reproduction of the wreath begins with the study of literature, old photos of hikes in the museum. The most interesting - the selection of materials, can last several months!


Poltava crested wedding wreath


Everyone who sees this wreath alive will certainly be impressed by its brightness.

"A girl like a fairy bird with its grand manner s" - reading these words I believed that was an allegory. I really wanted to make balabony wreath (round pompons). When the last ones are easy to make, the wreath is much more complicated thing to do. As to those balabons you have add flowers and beads and decorate it with a peacock feather as well.

crested wedding wreath

Crested wreaths were common for Poltava province, Ukraine (which took much more place on the map than now Poltava region itself).

The balabon wreath is quite heavy and presses against the head. So girls simply put it above the kibalka or on the strip of cardboard (or something dense, former it was straw and wooden part), trimmed with a cloth.

Kibalka was decorated with ribbons and put on a hoop with the wreath on the top. They preferred no to place ribbons to the wreath. So as a large number of ribbons gave an extra weight, and the wreath could slip. The ribbons were sewn to the base, or used one in the middle.

The crested wreath appeared one of the first in my collection. It has already visited Spain, Austria, Hungary, Estonia and Turkey. Everyone pays to him a lot of attention with the main question: "Why a peacock feather?"

Peacock feathers in Ukraine were considered to be something fabulous. After all, they were brought from faraway countries been a dream of every girl! Since Ukrainian girls are endowed with a great sense of aesthetics and style, they knew how to decorate themselves. 


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