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St. Patrick's Day or how does the celebration of the spring coming begin

Posted on February 12 2018

This Irish holiday has been considered to be religious in Ireland for more than a thousand years, but only in the late 1970's the world began celebrating it on March 17 as a celebration of the Irish cultural heritage. Patrick  was the patron  of the island and the monk who baptized him. Now this celebration is held all over the world, parades and fairs are held, and people feel really happy.

What do we know about St Patrick 

There are a lot of legends based on its origin, but the most famous of them are :

The true name of St. Patrick is Mayin Sukkat (according to most sources). When he was sixteen, he was into slavery.Then, he appealed to God to help him to overcome the difficulties and find the right path.

Six years later, he arrived in France and received a san, and, having returned to Ireland, became a bishop. During the next thirty years, the bishop was engaged in the creation of schools and the spread of Christianity among people. Thanks to him, the Irish pagans accepted Christianity.

Saint Patrick used the shamrock as a symbol of the Trinity (God the Father, God  the Son and God the Holy Spirit). People began to go to the church with a shamrock. Today, "dress in green" symbolizes spring, Ireland and shamrock.

The green cult

On this day it's not necessary to wear a thick green sweater with huge shamrock (although this way you will be exactly noticed in the crowd).

If you decide to wear a green T-shirt with the inscription "Kiss me, I'm Irish!", you should know the real Irish would not wear something like this. No matter how funny it looks, dress into the Irish elf, a true harbinger of spring and good.

Another crazy idea is to paint your hair or pet in green ( but at first make sure the paint is not toxic)

If you see people on the streets with painted faces, don’t  be surprised, this is another tradition for St. Patrick's Day. People usually draw an Irish flag and shamrock.

If on March 17 you have to sit in the office, then you may arrange a mini-celebration there. Decorate the stationary with green sharmrocks, clothes and doors. Create the cosy atmosphere.

Brooches with shamrock are an integral part of a holiday. Some people even write funny phrases on them.

Don’t forget about typical Irish sayings

Natives of the Emerald Island speak English, but with a peculiar dialect. Here are some phrases if you suddenly decide to go to Ireland.

1) What's the craic? – it’ informal variant of how Irish people ask "how are you?".

2) Grand - in English it would sound great, but in fact it is a universal word for expressing emotions and the answer to the question "How are you?"

3) Eejit - the Irish call idiots. But if you hear the phrase "Ah ya big eejit!" , then accept it as a friendly joke.


Three Snails team prepared 5 strange facts about this holiday:

1) The "St. Patrick" festival was thought up by Americans (the first parade took place in Boston in 1737)

2) It was forbidden to use alcohol many year ago (this prohibition was associated with fasting, but it was abolished in 1961)

3) The Chicago River is green on this day (about twenty pounds of dye is used to colour the river)

4) St. Patrick was not an Irish

5) Perhaps there were two St. Patricks (one theory argues that the two men lived with the names of Palladium and Patrick in the same time, both of them contributed to the spread of Christianity throughout Ireland)


And if you want to celebrate "Green March 17", then we offer to choose gifts and decorations here.


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