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Red boots - Ukrainian national costume passionate element.

Posted on August 29 2016

Gonna rock damn heels, Gonna rock those heels... (Adapted translation of Ukrainian poetry passage).
Ukrainian national costume
Screen shot from Ukrainian movie "Vechoty na hutori blyz' Dykan'ky"
Oh, such a passionate love Ukrainian girls felt for those red boots! Whenever there was a holiday, or when guests invited for some fest, one only wore boots (original: “sapiantsi”). With cocked toe-cap, low boot shaft and heels with ornaments. With such a beauty could only boast wealthy ladies. And if even poor ones had a pair of one, than just for whole family to wear!
Ukrainian youngers wearing festive national costume. Girls in red boots.
Here cannot do without symbols. In the wedding rites, boots were endowed of particular importance. Here you have fertilization with fertility and you have the power of erotic. When a guy was serious to a girl, he didn’t handed her a ring, as it is should nowadays, but the leather boots he offered her with his horse and carriage.
Recreation on catwalk. Ukrainian national costume for women.
"Walking in the garden, trample down the grass, Those whom I love, I cannot be tired of looking. And there goes my beloved one, carries the boots ... " (Adapted translation of Ukrainian poetry passage). The high symbolic value of red color embodied in viburnum berries also is transferred for boots. Red boots were a symbol of girl's virginity. "Faded viburnum, faded. And our Marysia is already married. There are red boots on her feet, That Ivanko bought in the street. " (Adapted translation of Ukrainian poetry passage).
Wealthy couple wearing Ukrainian national outfit.
Interesting wedding tradition with boots existed in Volyn’ region. To show an obedience to the husband, a young bride unshoed her groom, and then began to beat him with the boots to dose him fertility powers. Then she threw them away to the threshold of the house that didn’t like brides. In addition, the symbolism of the boot is closely connected with the value of feet and the track (foot  print), which touches the fertile mother-earth. So it isn’t surprising that the symbol of feet was filled with erotic content.
Young girl wearing red boots. Two different options of Ukrainian national outfit.
Weeded out carrots and parsnips, Stabbed feet with bristle thistle. Stabber, stabber feet with thistle, My heart hurts for the sacristan. I will go to the sacristan, To draw thistles out my feet..(Adapted translation of Ukrainian poetry passage).


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