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New global trend hair accessory with Ukrainian heart

Posted on July 15 2016

Long time ago Ukrainian women were so obsessed with traditional clothes and hair accessory wearing culture that they even knew the regional diversity and creation story of each accessory detail. The world designers would envy their endless source of their fantasy.
New floral crown fashion interpretation 2016!
Which already taking the world podium by storm. You cannot even imagine what a powerful source of fashion inspiration Ukrainian culture is!
Accessory exclusive known only in one place of the world.
Living among the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains Ukrainian girls spent all day long weaving threads from sheep wool. But one day they got bored from this heard work as they just wanted to look beautiful and unique. That day was the start for new accessory life called “Uplitka”.  
"Zerno" Ukrainian show -room
It is a hair accessory in the form of red strand wool thread. Which Ukrainian ethno-cultural groups of Gutsul and Boikivshchyna regions weaved into hair forming one big tassel hanging down to the ground.
Hutsul girls decorated “uplitka” threads with metal accessories and buttons. Making a wreath like hairdo with flowers.
It was the hair accessory which with time got lost in the variety and color of traditional Ukrainian beauty.
Making Uplitka hairdo
Curent Uplitka wreath interpretation. "Treti Pivni" cultural project
You can discover all exclusiveness and diversity of Ukrainian Hutsul culture and hair accessory variety as well watching significant and extremely popular film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” by  Sergei Parajanov.  
"Treti Pivni" project photosession devetoted to “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”
The shot from “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” film
How 100 year tradition has penetrated into modern world fashion again?
Booming bohemian style is running the world fashion industries. Thus fashion is fast running thing, so people are looking for new style self-expression.
Designer Alberta Ferretti in her Spring-Summer 2016 collection used a ribbon wreath hair accessory.
What keeps us, the most beautiful women in the world turn “uplitka” to the new trendy hair accessory? Make the fashion industry follow you!
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