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National Embroidery Patterns

Posted on August 18 2015

Through a system of embroidered signs you can see a development of the whole nation.  Ukrainian attitude to life and people strong believes into the power of the Universe, life on the Earth, birth and death, social place and life mission.
Ukrainian vyshyvanka
Guelder rose embodies the meaning of the family tree. Once, in the ancient times it was associated with the birth of the Universe, the Sun, Moon and stars. Round red berries have become an immortal symbol of blood and generation. It is the Universe chain: a drop of blood - woman - the birth-Ukraine - Rebirth.
Guelder rose pattern
  Oak leaves and guelder rose are often seen at embroidered shirts and blouses. They combine the symbols of strength and unbelievable beauty. Oak pattern has got the solar masculine energy of life.   
Oak pattern
  Grapes embroidered pattern. This symbol opens us the joy of life and beauty of the family creation. Grape motif is seen on women's and men's shirts in Kiev and Poltava region in Ukraine.   
Grapes embroidery
  Poppy flowers. Ancient Ukrainians believed poppy seeds had the magical power that protects them from all evil. Delicate flower carries an immortal memory of the whole generation. The girls embroidered poppy flowers with love and sadness as a tribute to the memory of the dead.   
Poppy flowers pattern
  Hop embroidery patterns carry the symbolism of youth. Hop embroidery is very close to the symbolism of water and grapes. It means development and love.   
Hop pattern
Embroidery patterns have got a long history of development and endless source of inspiration.
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