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Knitting as therapy. Knitting as business.

Posted on December 07 2016

According to the "New York Times" magazine, knitting is not merely a hobby. It is an activity that your health can greatly benefit from. According to the study conducted by them, most women that knit are likely to have fewer problems with their hearts, hormones, and even blood pressure.


Knitting hobby


It is known that at least a half of women in Ukraine can knit. This is a skill passed from a mother to a daughter or from a grandmother to her grandchildren. However, with the growing interest in the hand-made jewelry and clothes, a lot of them have turned this hobby into the business.


Ukrainian Knitting Brands












Samykina Samykina

To prove our point here are several most recent example of how knitting was turned into hobby. “Grace and Lace” company was launched by a woman named Melissa that knitted boot socks for herself and posted a picture online. Within a couple of days, she got so many people ready to pay to get these socks for themselves, that she has asked her relatives and friends to join her and started a business. This company is now successfully knitting not only boot socks, but also sweaters, cardigans, dusters, etc.



Grace & Lace




Grace and Lace


Apart from this company, there is another brilliant story of the master registered under the “Dudush” nickname on Esty. She started her business with selling just a couple of crochet items to her friends and is now well-known for creating folders for laptops and Macbooks.


There are lots of fabulous handcrafted jewelry or clothing items with the element of knitting. People that like their clothes to be unique and heartwarming opt for clothes of this kind. Handcrafted and designed to fit the expectations of every person, they will make your heart melt.


Knitted sweater



Knitted jacket



Knitted sweater


Knitted baby knee socks



Crochet infant hat "Gray and violet mix"

Three Snails Handmade


Knitted necklace




Knitted bag


Unlike the popular opinion that hand-knitted clothes are old-fashioned, the leading fashion gurus add these items to their collection breaking all the stereotypes and establishing a new approach. For instance, you’ll be surprised to learn that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis were caught knitting in between the shooting. These ladies love this activity and the clothes as well. The latter is even a member of a knitting club.









On top of that, knitting always has room for creativity. There are no standards one should be afraid to break. Thinking out-of-the-box and coming up with brand-new patterns and styles is what makes every piece outstanding unlike ones made with the aid of other techniques.

Endless variations of loops will help you create a new design for every cloth you make. You can knit rags, clothes, beautiful interior items, and even toys for your little ones which are way safer that the plastic thing we let them play with.

Thus, we highly recommend you purchasing a handcrafted knit item or creating it yourself to add a warm and stylish touch to your outfit or the interior of your house.


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