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Happy Father’s Day: cool handmade gift ideas

Posted on May 31 2017

Perhaps when we try to describe real men, the first traits occurring to us would relate to their masculinity: strict, responsible, dominant, eager to control, often cold in showing emotions. Yet it does not mean that males are not able to feel. The children who know that the both of their parents love them are the happiest in the world. Kids feel that and give the same in return. That’s why they are so eager to please their dear parent on Father’s Day and no doubt, men like attention and gifts not less than women even if they try to hide their emotions. So let’s please them on this day!

Ideas of the best gifts for dads


It is quite difficult to imagine our dads without modern gadgets nowadays.These are not only the means of communication with friends and family but a necessary item in business as well

We offer iPhone, iPad & Laptop stands which can be used both at work and home and will remind fathers of people who care for them.

Apple watch stands are small things making one’s place looking particularly neat and cozy.
Our catalogue displays wooden accessories for those who value natural goods.

Laptop stands

  Stands for iPhone

Apple Watch stands 

Dad gifts for business people

Business men have so much to remember and they just can’t do that without writing certain things down. An important meeting or an interesting startup idea won’t escape one’s mind with a notebook made of wood or leather.

It will be a luxury gift and even if a person has everything he will appreciate it as mostly likely he has not got such a peculiar item yet.


Father’s day presents: practical and long lasting

Men are known as good providers and it is no secret that their main task is to earn money for their families. In this regard, we offer men leather accessories to put it.

Just have a look at our men bags and purses. The quality of leather goods is unbeatable and it’s no wonder everyone likes such things. We hope that you will be able to pick something for your dad as well.

Bags and Purses for men

Daddy gifts for dandies

If your father follows fashion and likes to wear natural things, eco gifts for men will be just the right choice!

We have a large variety of cork and wooden bow ties for trendy looks. Such father's day gifts from a daughter will contribute to his style as girls are always great connoisseurs of fashion.

Designer leather belts are something all men need as well in every day life so the popularity of such things will never cease.

Tie Accessories

Gift ideas for dad to have a good pastime at home


If your father likes to chill out after work and is a hospitable person, a wooden glass stand will be just the thing he needs. A wooden mug for him is a nice attribute of any friendly football match get-togethers or even any picnic or barbeque at the pool.

Wood glass holder

Men’s gifts online: the easiest way to choose and order

Tastes differ but we have tried our best to take all of them into consideration. Please have a look at the full assortment of our goods in the catalogue.

We are eagerly waiting for your orders, let’s make fathers smile on their special day!


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