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Handcrafted necklaces: Trends 2015

Posted on October 06 2015

The final element of any outfit is accessory. Women don’t feel complete without it, because such detail can change the essence of the image. Why do women adorn themselves? This year they are aiming to reflect their individual taste, nature and mood by wearing handcrafted ladies accessories and unique handmade jewelry. What choices do you have to express yourself in a full extent? Start with handmade pendants and necklaces, as they are closer to the heart!
If you feel romantic, merge with the nature!
Romantic women choose necklaces and pendants made of natural materials.
Necklaces made of wood, always look a little bit ethnic. Large wooden pendants often decorated with carvings or colorful murals. Wooden necklace can be made of curved pieces of different wood color. Choose what mostly match with your skin color. Wooden bead necklace looks terrific when strung on a jute thread. These types of necklace are perfect for summertime. That is how your romantic nature can be transformed into the image of charming Forest Nymph.    
Wooden necklace
  Do you remember the era of bohemian chic? Romantic women in light chiffon dresses, with flowers in their hair, wearing boots with fringe. They looked dreamy and free, they inspired poets and musicians. Wearing leather necklace of different colors and texture will create the similar image. A leather necklace cord looks great even with casual T-shirt and jeans. In autumn pieces of leather necklaces looks like the best tandem with brown and yellow leaves. 
Leather necklace
  Ceramic necklace probably become a favorite one of every woman this year, because there are so many forms, types and colors that can be made to your individual taste. A favorite one remains classic ceramic bead necklace in many rows. Wearing long skirts and deep neckline blouses add a necklace made of ceramics to look like noblewoman. In ancient times, Ukrainian women used to adorn themselves with ceramic bead necklace to show their luxuriousness. 
Ceramic bead necklace
  If you feel glamorous, choose jewelry with smooth shiny surface.
Handmade beaded necklaces  were made for outstanding unique ladies. If you like bright clothes and fun parties, then chunky beaded necklaces of vivid tints will become your favorite jewelry. White bead necklace will shine like classic pearl necklace, so you can only wear little black dress to look amazing. That is the glamorous way of style. 
Bead necklace
  Do you like a brilliant flesh of gemstone? Beautiful necklace with semiprecious stones is the best way to express individual taste. Each type of stone usually corresponds to a particular zodiac sign or year of birth. If you don’t like to go into the astrological concepts, simply wear stone necklace that fits your eye color, so you won’t miss: - Amber for brown eyes - Malachite emphasizes green colored eyes - Turquoise matches blue eyes - Cat's eye is perfect for gray eyes. 
Stone necklace
  If you feel elegantly gentle, wear unique girls necklaces. When we say unique, what do we mean? We mean something that makes us stand out from the crowd. That is when unusual and original necklaces come out to help woman become unforgettable. The trick is simple – wear flower necklace to be sophisticated and gentle as a flower. 
Flower necklace
  Other way to be unique is to wear vintage necklaces. That’s a win-win option! But not everybody knows what vintage really is. To make it clear: vintage necklace is a jewelry made by prototype of old fashion necklace or indeed an old jewelry necklace that had preserved its great condition and look. The essence of the vintage is to return the old fashion and successfully combine it with modern trends. In other words, to make useless folderol a treasure. It is on forces to elegant woman that can animate a forgotten jewel with her beauty. This also applies to the textile necklace, which is so good to wear in winter. Moreover, if it’s in a form of a flower, then it's a double strike. The tenderness and warmth, is what women miss so much in cold season. Bring it all back to experience your individuality. 
Vintage necklace
  Anyway, adorn yourself with necklace that pleases your soul. In this case, you will be able to look natural in your style. Follow your nature, inspire with your elegance and bring glamorous shine to this world wearing handcrafted necklaces that reflect your inner taste in a best way!


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