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Deer candy bowl – how to do a cute item yourself

Posted on November 27 2017

Winter holiday season is the time when the fairy tale merges with reality. No matter how old we are, we still believe deep in our hearts that miracles happen. We wait for white Christmases, when falling snow covers the ground dropping some magic into our lives as well.

Each time we think about winter festivities, a thousand memories flash in our minds, reviving pleasant things so dear to us.

xmas diy

DIY Christmas bowl: a master-class step by step

Perhaps, there is hardly a person in the world who does not decorate their place for New Year. Even if this is not a Christmas tree, it may be a small toy, garland or paper snowflakes on the window.

Three Snails has a great idea about a Christmas dinnerware item – a deer candy vase. Why not do it yourself?:)

Please watch our master class video where we show everything in detail.



What will we need for that?

  • A deer clay vase as a basis – don’t be scared you are not good at making them as ready items are available to buy
  • Primer (white)
  • Paints (acryl or gouache) – acryl is a way better as gouache may print on the fingers and you will need an additional coating suitable for dishes
  • Brushes (big ones for painting the bowl and small ones for sprinkling)

deer diy

Let’s begin?
  • Paint the basis white with primer and leave it in this tone from inside
  • Pick up your favourite bright colour and coat the bowl with it

candy bowl diy

  • Decorate the item in a sprinkling manner with contrast hues. For example, if your deer is dark then you may do it in white imitating snow

  • Mark the tail with a snowflake
  • Don’t forget to make a cute face to the deer

  • Let it dry
  • The bowl is ready now, you may fill it with candies, treat your guests and enjoy the festive time.

        DIY crafts for the holiday season and not only

        The Three Snails team is always eager to create something extraordinary and show handmade lovers how to do it yourself. Such cute small items make our home cozier.

        The deer bowl we offer to make looks nice and does not require much effort to accomplish it. Yet, it does bring the festive spirit and lets you realize that Christmas is very near.

        Follow us and check for other master classes you may like!


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