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Back to school traditions: what happens all over the globe

Posted on August 30 2018

Mid-August means not only the changes in nature when one can perceive the first smell of autumn but changes in the mood as well, both for parents and kids. Pupils say goodbye to summer and get ready for the next academic period of their life.

The date occurs in late August in some countries but it is traditionally September 1 in Ukraine and Russia, known as Day of Knowledge.

Pupils say goodbye to summer

Activities for kids on the first school day around the world

Things to do on this holiday include visiting parks, attractions, cafes, movies or parties for kids. Teenagers are happy to reunite with their schoolmates whom they have not seen for long. 

Spending time with your kid is always great. So, parents try to make something special for their little ones. 

  • German pupils are treated with huge cones, even higher than they are! They contain not only things for school but sweets and presents as well
  • Japanese children take their special lunch for good luck – squail eggs and rice spiced with sea wood sauce. Also, they have to bring slippers as they are supposed to change their footwear at the educational institution
  • Pupils are brought to studies in cargo bicycles in Holland 
  • Schoolchildren in Ukraine often get balloons on this day

German pupils

Pupils in Holland

Schoolchildren in Ukraine

Back to school guide: what is interesting in Ukraine

September 1 begins with an official ceremony at school in this country. It is nice to watch pupils in their parade uniforms, with smiles and flowers, tanned and refreshed after the summer and of course grown up!

Kids, parents and teachers come to this event with mixed feelings and realize that even though they enjoyed the summertime, they have missed their schoolmates and maybe teachers too:)

It seems that children grow so quickly during summer vacations, so much that sometimes it is not even easy to recognize them. They present educators with sweets and flowers while in other countries the favourite treat on the table is an apple.

September 1

Shopping for school: encourage your child to get into the groove

It is a bit difficult both for teachers and pupils to adjust to the process again and they have to be patient. So, things to do with kids also imply to inspire them to learn with something new. This does not include only clothes and school supplies. Think about interior décor as well to create a proper mood!

Let your child choose exciting things to arrange their working place or just surprise them with extraordinary solutions. This can be:

  • a table lamp to do homework
  • a wooden shelf to keep books in order
  • a clock to not to be late to school
  • a mirror – to look always neat
  • a nightlight – to have a sweet sleep before a busy day and to be full of energy for new accomplishments
  • Developing handmade wooden toys for those who go to nursery school or kindergarten their first time ever

So think outside the box and choose something truly unique!

Check for catching solutions from Three Snails to please your schoolchildren and your favourite teachers!

dog clock

wood shelf

wooden lamp

dog lamp

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