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10 prominent women who had made a signifiant contribution to the development of Ukraine

Posted on February 13 2018

Their diversificated activity was fascinated by many generations, they were followed and regarded as an example. Talented, strong and determined women have become a symbol of the Ukraine and had done everything possible for its further prosperity. These women sincerely cheered up Ukraine and its social and economic development. These figures are  Ukrainian phenomenon that has no analogues all over the world.

Princess Olga was a wise and charismatic ruler who led the state when she was only 17. Having become a widow, she had made great efforts, raised the country to a new level. "Princess Olga is a nonsense that arose in the tenth century - during the reign of men in the world. She had a strong inner core, which allowed her to rule men "- this is how historian and ethnographer Oleksandr Alferov described  this woman.

Lesya Ukrainka is a strong  woman, the ukrainian writer and a cultural figure. Medieval knights had always been the authority for her, so she lived with the phrase "Kill, but I don’t give up!" all her life. "For her age, this is a brilliant woman ... in her every word, I saw a mind and a deep understanding of poetry, education and human life," wrote  the writer Mikhail Pavlik.

Maria Zankovetska is an outstanding Ukrainian actress who had become not only an ornament of the national scene, but also a star of the Ukrainian theatre. "Wherever she was going - there were roses in blossom ..." O. Oles

Solomiya Krushelnytska is a woman born for the scene. She was recognized as the most famous singer in the world. Whoever she has transformed into Aida or Carmen, every premier was a huge success among spectators. "My triumphs? Victory in life cannot be too frequent. Triumph every night? This is too much. The most important measure of my success was often the feeling that I had sung the concert, as I was able to do the best "(S. Krushelnytska, about her activity)

Olga Kobylianska is a Ukrainian writer and feminist. In her writings she covered anti-war themes. He also violated the problems of the intelligence and the people and described with sympathy the Ukrainian clergy.

Maria Prymachenko is an outstanding Ukrainian artist and honored figure of Ukraine. Her works were destined to go through the difficult path of evolution, but gradually they became symbols of national art.

Katerina Bilokur is an extraordinary artist who, for her ability to draw magic flowers, was even ready to give life. "If we had an artist of this level, then we would have made the whole world to speak about it!" – words of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso about Katerina Bilokur.

Lina Kostenko - she was called a genius in the conditions of an unlocked anticulture, a soul with a sniper's eyes and an independent writer with an indestructible spirit. She is an outstanding woman who writes poetry and prose, whose words penetrate into the most mysterious corners of the heart.

She is one of those rare women who don’t know how to get used to it. Not to life, nor to love, nor to the situation in society. No to anything. She is a true rebel. © Lina Kostenko

Ruslana Lyzhychko is a Ukrainian singer and the winner of the international singing contest "Eurovision 2004". Her Wild Dance album became one of the most popular albums around the world at that time. In 2016, she received the M1 Music Awards in the nomination "Contribution to Ukrainian Music"

Jamala is a Ukrainian singer of Crimean and Tatar origin, winner of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, winner of two Elle Style Awards and the Woman of the Year Award. She is now the coach of the nationwide vocal project Voice of the Country - 8.

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